TorqueTrak Products

Binsfeld’s TorqueTrak products measure the true mechanical torque and power output of virtually any rotating shaft by using precise strain gage technology with reliable, non-contact, data transfer. Our temporary torque measurement systems (rotary torque sensors) are used in temporary set-ups and are typically used for diagnostics, performance validation, and process improvement. Our permanent torque and power monitoring systems (shaft power meters) are used in permanent installations and easily integrated into existing feedback systems to monitor/control performance. All of our systems are cost-effective, user-friendly, can be installed without shaft modification and are backed by Binsfeld's superior technical support.


Rotary Torque Sensors and Shaft Power Meters

  • Reduced downtime - Know when shaft performance is degrading when maintenance is needed (Predictive Maintenance)
  • Increased efficiency - Ensure machine is running at peak performance and identify excessive energy losses in couplings, gears, and bearings
  • Reduced operation costs - Keep things running at peak efficiency to increase equipment longevity and ensure less downtime
  • Smart troubleshooting - Quickly and accurately determine the root cause of malfunctioning equipment
Markets & Applications
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