The RT416-PB is a multi-channel wireless temperature measurement system designed as an upgrade for CAN bus systems to monitor and control temperature on heated godet roll shells on filament spinning machines. Digital circuitry in the rotating transmitter and the stationary receiver are immune to electrical noise and drift. Generous 5 mm clearance between the rotating and stationary parts eliminate rubbing or impacting - a common failure cause in other designs. Error detection modes protect heater from damage and expedite troubleshooting in the event of a sensor or other failure. The system features Profibus DP digital communication. It consists of three main components: Controller, Rotating Module with mounting base, and Stationary Module.

  • Profibus DP digital communication
  • Built-in PID loop control
  • Generous 5 mm rotor-stator clearance
  • Digital circuitry from sensor input to signal output
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RT416-PB - Specifications