The RT220R Rotor is a true drop-in replacement rotating assembly for Rieter and SwissTex rotating transmitters on high-speed godet roll motors (J7-30, J7-31 and J7-32 roll motors). Built to accurately monitor roll temperatures even in the hot, harsh environment of the fiber industry, the RT220R features a rugged mechanical design with fully encapsulated electronics to operate up to 13,000 rpm. In addition, error detection modes protect heater from damage and expedite troubleshooting in the event of a sensor or other failure.

  • Rugged - Fully encapsulated rotating electronics
  • Reliable - Digital circuitry is immune to electrical noise and drift
  • Rieter and SwissTex Compatible - Frequency output; fits J7-30, J7-31 and J7-32 roll motors
  • Product Support - Strongest customer support in the industry
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RT220R - Specifications