Binsfeld Engineering differs from other temperature transmitter manufacturers in several important ways.

Transmitters Are Our Business

Binsfeld is the only godet and calendar rotary temperature transmitter manufacturer that is focused on rotating-to-stationary data transmission as our core business. Because this is our primary area of expertise, we approach our transmitter designs from a different perspective than a machinery manufacturer. For them, the transmitter is a detail in a much larger offering. At Binsfeld, it is our offering.

Universal and User-friendly

Most Binsfeld TempTrak wireless transmitters provide a linear, industry standard 4-20 mA output signal to directly interface with off-the-shelf process control instrumentation. (Other outputs such as voltage or frequency are also available.) We have configurations to fit most existing rolls and roll motors allowing simple, yet critical temperature control upgrades without requiring machine modification.

Outstanding Reliability

Leveraging our broad experience in communicating rotating data signals, Binsfeld wireless temperature transmitters feature innovative improvements that help them outlast the competition, allowing us to offer exceptional warranties--up to 5-years (RT300 Series)!

  • Generous spacing (9 mm typical) between rotor and stator eliminates impacting and rubbing in the case of motor bearing or other mechanical failure.
  • Whenever possible, stationary circuitry is housed in a small DIN-rail mount package that can be located away from the hottest part of the machinery (up to 30 meters from the roll or roll motor). This arrangement isolates the electronics from excessive heat and vibration which contribute to early failures.
  • Rotor power is automatically continuously monitored and minimized to extend transmitter life and reduce power consumption.
  • Open-air mechanical design allows cooler operation further extending transmitter life.

User Friendly Operation

Operators and maintenance personnel appreciate the simplicity and ease of use, from the non-critical positioning during installation to the convenient troubleshooting if problems do occur.

  • Digital handshake at power-up allows complete interchangeability of system parts
  • Long term digital stability eliminates the need for frequent calibration
  • Simple, easily recognized error codes indicate problems in control system even upstream and downstream of transmitter (e.g. out of range sensor, open current loop) allowing quick maintenance and fast return to production