Rieter Product Results

The RT220R Series Transmitter is a true drop-in replacement rotating assembly for Rieter and SwissTex rotating transmitters on high-speed godet roll motors (J7-30, J7-31 and J7-32 roll motors). Built to accurately monitor roll temperatures even in the hot, harsh environment of the fiber industry, the RT220R features a rugged mechanical design with fully encapsulated electronics to operate up to 13,000 rpm. In addition, error detection modes protect heater from damage and expedite troubleshooting in the event of a sensor or other failure.

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The DS221 is a digital upgrade option for Rieter/SwissTex frequency-based rotary temperature transmitter systems.  The device mounts in place of the original stator circuit board and accepts the Rieter frequency signal directly from the rotating transmitter.  The DS221 is capable of one of two different outputs.  When connected to + and - FREQUENCY, the DS221 generates the original Rieter frequency signal for use with a standard Rieter heater control system.  When connected to + and - CURRENT, the DS221 generates a linear 4-20 mA current signal suitable for off-the-shelf process controlle...

Product Details

The HD480-I Heater Driver is an upgrade/conversion option for the godet heater driver on Rieter extrusion machinery. The unit mounts in place of the original heater driver but accepts a standard 4-20 mA signal (instead of the 14,935 - 21,731 Hz Rieter frequency signal) for 0 - 300° C sensed temperature. When used in conjunction with the Binsfeld DS220 Digital Stator, the HD480-I allows users to convert machine control from the unique Rieter frequency to industry standard 4-20 mA.

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