Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RTD?
What is a rotary temperature transmitter and what does it do?
Why is it better to use a rotating temperature sensor instead of a stationary sensor?
What is a thermocouple?
Can a godet roll motor assembly be converted from using a stationary sensor to a rotating sensor?
Why is a digital temperature transmitter better than an analog transmitter?
How does the TempTrak transmitter work with a 9 mm gap between rotating and stationary parts when most transmitters require a 1 mm gap?
How does godet temperature affect yarn properties?
Why does Binsfeld locate the stationary circuit of the transmitter system in a separate controller interface instead of locating it in the stationary housing on the roll motor?
How far can the Binsfeld Controller Interface be located from the Binsfeld Transmitter?
Will the TempTrak Transmitter fit any godet roll motor assembly?
What is covered under Binsfeld's five-year warranty?
Can the TempTrak Transmitter accommodate a through-shaft?
Can the TempTrak Transmitter accommodate non-standard RTDs
Where can I find information on Binsfeld's torque measuring products?