TorqueTrak TPM2 - Specifications


POWER SUPPLY INPUT: 10 - 30 VDC @ 10 W (nom), 15 W (max)


TORQUE SENSOR INPUT: Strain gage bridge, 350 ohms (std), 120 ohms (min)
INPUT RANGE: user-selectable from 0.025 to 32 mV/V
SHUNT CALIBRATION: 2 user-selectable: 1 mV/V and 0.2 mV/V (350 ohm bridge)




TORQUE SIGNAL ACCURACY: Zero error: ±0.1% FS (max), Scale error: ±0.2% (max) 


TORQUE SIGNAL BANDWIDTH: 10 user-selectable settings from 3 to 1000 Hz


SHAFT SPEED AND DIRECTION: Measured once per revolution
RESOLUTION: 15 bit (32,768 points), auto-ranging


COMMUNICATION INTERFACE: RS(EIA)-442 full duplex, up to1000 ft (300 mm) run
BAUD RATE: Auto-detectable from 1200 to 460,800 bps
SAMPLE RATE: 10 user-selectable settings from 9.375 to 4800 samples/sec


OPERATING ENVIRONMENT: -40° to +70° non-condensing


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Specifications are subject to change without notice.