Torque Measurement & Power Monitoring System

Torque measurement and power monitoring and control system
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TorqueTrak Revolution

Torque & Power Monitoring Control System

The TorqueTrak Revolution Series is a torque and power monitoring and control system that features inductive (non-contact) power and data transfer for continuous operation. Designed for applications that require ongoing measurement of torque and/or horsepower, the TorqueTrak Revolution system is custom-machined to install on existing shafting up to 40 inches (1016 mm) in diameter. Machine disassembly is not required. The microprocessor-based system features 14-bit signal processing to provide precise, reliable data in real time during actual machine operation.

Features & Benefits

Easy Installation - Rotating Collar and stationary Power Coil are split and bolt together around the shaft. Shaft modification is not required.

Convenient Calibration - Use at factory settings or utilize easy scaling and adjustment tools. No tuning required.

Reliable Operation - Inductive power and data transfer with generous clearance between stationary and rotating parts. No wear surfaces.

Digital Data Transmission - Delivers a clean, noise-free data signal with 14-bit resolution.

Robust Construction - Sturdy hardware and electronics, built for demanding environmental conditions.

Onboard Intelligence - System status indicators confirm proper operation and aid in troubleshooting.

Product Support - Backed by BEI's proven outstanding customer service, before and after the sale.


Full Product Specifications

Product Datasheet [PDF]

Warranty Information - Binsfeld Engineering Inc. warrants that its TorqueTrak Revolution products will be free from defective material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser and that its products will conform to specifications and standards published by Binsfeld Engineering Inc.  Upon evaluation by Binsfeld Engineering Inc., any product found to be defective will be replaced or repaired at the sole discretion of Binsfeld Engineering Inc.  Our warranty is limited to the foregoing, and does not apply to fuses, paint, or any equipment, which in Binsfeld Engineering’s sole opinion has been subject to misuse, alteration, or abnormal conditions of operation or handling.

More Info

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Op-Torq System

Op-Torq System for TT Revolution, User's Manual [PDF]

The Op-Torq System is designed for permanent installation and long-term, continuous monitoring, using the TorqueTrak Revolution instrument for measurement of true mechanical Torque, Shaft Speed and Power (Hp or kW) on the rotating shaft.  The Op-Torq System includes the computer hardware plus data acquisition software (DATAVIEW).

Op-Torq System features:

  • Data display, logging and analysis for TorqueTrak Revolution instruments.
  • Real-time display of Torque, Power, RPM and Shaft Direction.  Data refresh rate: once per second (1 Hz.)
  • Graph and Stat mode for spot data analysis.
  • Ten Years data logging capacity.  New data file every 24 hours for easy manageability.
  • Export logged data daily, monthly, etc., using USB dongle.
  • Use DATAVIEW software, included, to analyze the exported data and produce reports.

Op-Torq System options:

  • Twin engine configuration.
  • Repeater display screen(s).
  • Larger display screen(s).
  • Customized display and reports.
  • Automatic E-mail Report module.

Note: For best performance with the Op-Torq System data acquisition system, the TorqueTrak Revolution Filter should be set to 1.5HZ for both Torque and Power.  This means that dipswitches 7 and 8 on both the Torque and Power panels inside the TorqueTrak Revolution Master Control Unit (MCU) should be set to: 7 ON , 8 OFF.

Op-Torq ADVANCE - Same as the Op-Torq system, but with these additional capabilities:

Op-Torq Advance, User's Manual [PDF]

  • GPS integration, for complete analysis of fuel consumption/distance/time relationship
  • Fuel consumptionmeasurement, using KRAL flowmeters

Op-Torq Advance Catalog Sheet [PDF]


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