Op-Torq System for TT Revolution


Op-Torq System for TT Revolution, User's Manualpdf

The Op-Torq system, also known as Op-Torq Basic, is a versatile system that can be configured for a variety of user’s specifications.  Consequently, the information displayed and the menus are specific to each Customer configuration request and can vary considerably.  Op-Torq is a performance monitoring system designed to display, log and analyse power, RPM and torque from Binsfeld Engineering TorqueTrak torquemeters.  Op-Torq is built around a Main Terminal, which is a 12.1” inch touch panel Marine computer.  The computer can log up to one year of data. The data can easily be downloaded on a USB drive.  As an option, it can also be sent by email.  Collected data can be analysed by our software DataVIEW. DataVIEW runs on a regular PC and gives the users, a tool, to produce ship performance reports over long periods of time (several months, year, between drydocks).  Op-Torq is specifically designed for shipboard use by shipboard personnel.  It is resistant to weather, dust, dirt, moisture, oil, chemicals or other harsh contaminants.

Op-Torq system features:

  • Data display, logging and analysis for TorqueTrak Revolution instruments.
  • Real-time display of Torque, Power, RPM and Shaft Direction.  Data refresh rate: once per second (1 Hz.)
  • Graph and Stat mode for spot data analysis.
  • Ten Years data logging capacity.  New data file every 24 hours for easy manageability.
  • Export logged data daily, monthly, etc., using USB dongle.
  • Use DATAVIEW software, included, to analyze the exported data and produce reports.

Op-Torq system options:

  • Twin engine configuration.
  • Repeater display screen(s).
  • Larger display screen(s).
  • Customized display and reports.
  • Automatic E-mail Report module.

Note: For best performance with the Op-Torq BASIC data acquisition system, the TorqueTrak Revolution Filter should be set to 1.5HZ for both Torque and Power.  This means that dipswitches 7 and 8 on both the Torque and Power panels inside the TorqueTrak Revolution Master Control Unit (MCU) should be set to: 7 ON , 8 OFF.

Op-Torq ADVANCE - Same as the Op-Torq system, but with these additional capabilities:

Op-Torq Advance, User's Manualpdf

  • Fuel Consumption measurement, using KRAL fuel flowmeters.
  • GPS integration, for complete analysis of fuel consumption/power/speed/distance/time relationship.

Op-Torq Advance Catalog Sheetpdf