Testing Hydraulic Pumps


Testing Hydraulic Pumps: TorqueTrak Revolution is First Choice

A major manufacturer of hydraulic pumps found relief from a nagging problem when they contacted Binsfeld Engineering Inc. Several test stands at their plant are used to test pumps during production and final inspection. To evaluate pump performance, the torque and horsepower is measured on the rotating "test" drive shaft.   

The problem? Poor reliability and frequent failures using the "traditional" in-line rotary load cells, combined with unresponsive suppliers drove engineering to seek a better alternative.

The manufacturer installed a Vishay strain gage with the TorqueTrak Revolution system from Binsfeld Engineering and evaluated performance over several months. The conclusion? They found the TorqueTrak Revolution easy to install, reliable in performance and accurate in measurement of torque and horsepower. Best of all, they found the Binsfeld price "blows the competition out of the water."

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