System Uncovers Drive Gear Material Issue at Water Treatment Plant


A large urban city water treatment facility uses large power driven chain-linked scrapers, called "flights", to extract impurities (i.e. mud and silt) from each cistern as part of the water cleaning process. The chain link torque imposed on the gear drives was causing premature breakage and plant shutdowns.

Multiple Binsfeld TorqueTrak model TT10K's were used to measure equipment torque as flights move along various sections of the reservoir bottom. As a result of testing, the TT10K torque data found the current gear set material inadequate. Stronger gear sets have been ordered to replace existing kit. The facility was able to solve an expensive and troubling maintenance issue. The convenience of operation and application of TorqueTrak telemetry equipment and Micro-Measurements strain gages, enabled a successful project completion.

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