Torque Measurements Detect Binding on Steel Roll Stands


Steel Roll Stand: Torque Measurements Detect Binding

Granite City, IL - A major US steel producer was having a problem on a their five-position hot rolling mill. At line startup just following a roll change, sometimes the line would not run. Once the operators reversed direction momentarily and then restarted, the line ran normally. The source of the problem was unknown. Were the AC drives not engaging the shafts? Was there an uneven load sharing amongst the five stands causing the shafts to bind?

The mill's reliability engineers purchased the TorqueTrak 10K to conduct temporary torque measurements on the drive shaft of the fifth position, where the problem occurred most often. The torque data captured following a roll change confirmed that the drives were properly loading the drive shaft. Next, the plant engineers planned to instrument one of the roll shafts to further diagnose the problem.

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