Upgrading Railroad Car Dumpers for Heavier Loads


Railroad Car Dumper: Redesigned with Confidence

Southern Peru Copper Co., Ilo Peru - Modernization of the smelter at Ilo increased overall capacity. However, to accommodate the additional ore concentrate being processed, railroad cars would have to be loaded heavier, exceeding the capacity of the existing car dumper. Could the dumper be upgraded to handle the heavier cars? How could the manufacturer of the dumper, Strachan & Henshaw of London, England, verify design estimates to confidently upgrade this machine, without excessive travel to this remote corner of the world?

Kvaerner Metals, the primary contractor for the modernization, turned to Binsfeld Engineering to provide actual torque measurements on the dumper drive system. Using torque telemetry sensors, accurate torque data was collected and immediately emailed to the designers in London. Reviewing the data while the test engineer was on-site allowed them the opportunity to request additional testing to confirm their estimates and make the required design modifications to the structure and drive system of the machine.

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