Next Day Service


Thursday morning, the sea trials director determined that it was critical to verify the shaft torque and the horsepower of the twin main propulsion electric motor/azimuth thrusters for a newly built 300' diesel-electric platform supply vessel (PSV). Physical measurements of torque and power were urgently needed to compare the actual mechanical power delivered relative to the computed electrical power being indicated by the e-motor drive controllers (based on supplied voltage and current). Could the torque and horsepower measurements be conducted during sea trials on the next day?

J&A Enterprises is a marine noise and vibration control engineering company. J&A was onboard the PSV attending the sea trials as ABS recognized specialists, conducting measurements according to the ABS Guide for Crew Habitability on Workboats (HAB(WB). J&A is always ready for another day of sea trials, but there were a few challenges to overcome for the requested torque and power measurements. To begin with, J&A was sailing on Thursday with the ship for the full day of trials. And, since power and torque measurements were not in the original plan, none of the necessary instrumentation or Micro-Measurements strain gage installation materials was on hand.

A quick call to Binsfeld Engineering, and two TorqueTrak 10K units, along with the OpDAQ Op-Torq field test unit and two magnetic tachometers were on their way. Binsfeld provided helpful technical support to provide the J&A engineer with supplemental instructions and a list of additional materials needed for application of the strain gages. The shipyard coordinated the logistics on shore and assembled a small kit during the day on Thursday while J&A was underway with the PSV.

A courier delivered the package from Binsfeld to the shipyard at 10:00PM Thursday night. The ship returned to the dock by 10:30PM, and the surface preparation of the two shafts began by 11:00. Overnight, the two shafts were instrumented with the TorqueTrak 10K and Op-Torq system, checked out and ready for sea. The ship sailed first thing Friday morning. After some initial checks of the instruments assisted by ship-to-shore telephone support from Binsfeld and OpDAQ to confirm the set ups, the shaft torque and horsepower measurements proceeded according to plan. The required data were provided to the trials director before noon. A great achievement of "just in time" support.

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