High Torque Alarm Prevents Damage to Gearbox


High Torque Alarm Prevents Damage to Gearbox

A prominent cement company in Brazil was having trouble with their vertical roll mill gearbox. The gearbox had been breaking down at least once per year, causing very expensive downtime for the company. They could not determine the cause. Our sales agent in Brazil, Torkflex Transmissões Industriais Ltda. (Torkflex), was called in to evaluate the situation.

Working with the gearbox manufacturer Torkflex decided to install the TorqueTrak Revolution instrument from Binsfeld Engineering to continuously monitor the true mechanical Torque & Power on the shaft, the workload, during normal operation. They plan to set several "High Torque Alarm" functions, using the 4-20mA output signal from the TorqueTrak Revolution instrument to indicate dangerously high torque on the shaft, meaning high strain in the gearbox. The torque signal can be used as a warning when torque is high to turn on a light or sound an alarm. As an example, it could be used to stop the equipment by interrupting the drive before any damage can occur. The real-time response of the torque signal is fast!

Step Response, Torque Input: 2msec max Frequency Response: 0-1000 Hz (-3dB max @ 1000Hz). Sampling Rate: 4800Hz.

Now, the workload is continuously monitored, providing valuable data to the cement company. They can see when the torque goes high and how that relates to the material input to the roll mill system. The "High Torque Alarm" function will prevent any further damage to the gearbox.

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