Boom Swing Oscillations


Boom Swing System: Oscillation & Fatigue Eliminated

A dragline is a huge machine used for surface mining and excavating. The massive bucket is moved about by the giant boom and electro-mechanical swing system.

Problem: The giant boom oscillates as it moves, creating excessive fatigue and premature failure of the swing machinery.

Solution: Boom oscillation shows up as torsional oscillation on the various drive shafts of the swing system. The TorqueTrak Revolution instrument and Micro-Measurements strain gage is installed on each of these shafts, continuously monitoring the mechanical torque/strain and providing a feedback signal to the drive to counteract the oscillation. Response Time of the instrument is fast, 2msec, so torsional oscillation can be counteracted in real time. Fatigue and premature failure of the swing machinery due to boom oscillation can be completely eliminated.

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