Baja Buggy



SAE Baja Buggy


SAE Baja is a challenging collegiate racing series hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers where student teams design, build and compete off-road vehicles.   Except for tires, rims, shocks and the engine, the teams must either customize or design and manufacture every component of the car.
A recent competition took place in Oregon and involved over 100 teams.   Vehicle performance events included acceleration, land maneuverability, hill climbing, and endurance racing.  Points were also awarded in categories such as presentation, overall cost, design, and vehicle presentation. 
The TorqueTrak 10K system provided valuable torque and power information for the development and tuning of the R.I.T. challenger.  The buggy performed admirably throughout the competition to earn a third place finish overall. 
Congratulations to the Rochester Institute of Technology “RIOT” SAE BAJA Buggy Team!
Click on the link below to see the R.I.T. Team project report.

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