RT314 Rotary Temperature Transmitter (850-504)

RT314 Rotary Temperature Transmitter (850-504)

The RT314 is a four-channel temperature measurement system designed to monitor temperature on heated rolls. The system features a linear 4-20mA output from the controller interface for use with standard process controllers. Error detection modes protect the heater from damage and expedite troubleshooting in the event of a sensor or other failure. Digital circuitry from sensor input to signal output and generous clearance between the rotating and stationary components make the RT314 a robust and reliable element in the temperature feedback loop.




























1. Slide RT314 rotor over shaft, and attach ring lugs from the RTD sensor to the RT314 rotor RTD terminals, and tighten securely. (See Rotor/RTD Wiring Diagram)

2. Mount RT314 rotor using M10 screws, split washers and aluminum standoffs and tighten securely. (See Installation Diagram)

3. Slide the RT314 stator onto shaft making sure to orient the stationary coil board towards the rotor coil board as shown above.

4. Verify rotor-stator spacing (12mm +/- 5mm) and secure the stator with the two M5 setscrews shown above. Loctite 222 or equivalent is recommended on the set scrw to prevent it from loosening.

5. Connect the RT314 stator to the RT304C controller interface using the 10-meter coaxial cable provided.

6. Position and secure RTD wiring and signal cables away from rotating equipment to prevent cable damage.


In normal operating mode the Power status light, the Data status light and the Channel (Ch) status light are all on solid. In error mode, one or more of the lights on the RT304C Controller Interface will flash and a high temperature signal (approximately 24mA) will be output. Refer to the table below when troubleshooting an error mode event.










If the status lights do not agree with conditions listed above, remove power to the RT302C for 5 seconds, and then restore power (to reset the digital circuitry). Go to for more trouble shooting aids.


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