TempTrak® RT501I-IOL Specifications


The RT501I-IOL is an industrial interface that functions with a variety of Binsfeld Temperature Transmitters.  This interface allows Temperature Transmitters to be connected to common industrial field bus.  These field buses include, but are not limited to PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP/IP.   Use with commercially available off-the-shelf IO-Link Masters is required. 




Enclosure:  DIN rail mount
  (23 mm wide x 102 mm high x 120 mm deep (0.90” x 4.00” x 4.70”)
Note:    Leave space on top/bottom of enclosure for venting: 13mm (0.5”) min.   
Operating Temperature Range:   0 - 70°C, non-condensing
Power Supply Input: 18 – 30 VDC 4 W max, 2 W nom
Note:    Power is supplied through the IO-Link by the Master
Electrical Connections: Pluggable screw terminal blocks
Temperature Output Signal: IO-Link data interface at 230.4Kbaud
Output Signal Accuracy: Same as the rotor-stator


Specifications subject to change without prior notification.