RT406-1C Specifications


TempTrak® RT406-1C Specifications


Number of Sensors: 6
Sensor connection: M3 set screw terminals with 2.38mm hole for ferrule access
Input Sensor Type: PT1000 RTD (1000Ω at 0 °C, α =.00385), standard
Sensor Range: 0-300°C
Speed: 10,000 RPM


I/O Connectors: CAN bus: 5-pin (Conec PN: 43-01013)
I/O signals: CAN bus: 500k baud for communication with heater power controller
Power Input: 17 - 30 VDC, 500mA (max)


Accuracy: ±0.5°C (maximum over ambient operating range for 0-300°C RTD range)
Operating Temperature: 0 - 85°C
Rotor-Stator Spacing: Generous 5 to 25 mm rotor-stator clearance

Specifications subject to change without prior notification.