RT381 Specifications


TempTrak® RT381 Specifications


Number of sensors: 1
Input sensor type: JPt200 RTD (200Ω at 0°C) JIS - Japanese standard
Sensor range: -10 to 300° C
Speed: 10,000 RPM


I/O Connection: 8-conductor screw terminal
I/O Signal: 551 to 6959 Hz for 10 to 300° C RTD temperature
Status Indicator Lights: One for Power and one for Signal
Supply Voltage: 16 - 28 VAC or 22- 40 VDC
Supply Current: 200mA (max), 100mA (nom)
System Accuracy: ±1.0° C max error (over operating temperature range)
OperatingTemperature: 0 - 85° C

Specifications subject to change without prior notification.