HD480-I Heater Driver

Operating Voltage:                   80-530 VAC (47-63 Hz)

Max Load Current:                   63 Arms

Min Load Current:                    150 mArms

Input:                                      4-20 mA at minimum 14 V compliance

                                              (4-20 mA source must be able to drive 14 V min)

PWM Period:                            Adjustable 1 to 2.8 seconds

PWM Duty Cycle:                     On-Time is proportional to 4-20 mA input (i.e. 0% at 4 mA, 100% at 20 mA)

Operating Temperature:          -30 to 50° C


Solid State Relay Module

Crydom Part Number               D4875-10


Note: In order to maximize convection cooling, mount the heat sink fins in a vertical direction with a minimum of 1-inch clearance above and below the HD-480-I device.

Specifications subject to change without prior notification.