October 28th 2015

October 2015
Hello! I hope all is well. Every once in a while, one might wonder ...
“Why do I need to measure torque and power? Why is it important?”
Shown below is pertinent application information and training materials that should be helpful. As always, I will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact me anytime.

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In the simple model, there is a drive and a workload with a shaft in between. Knowing the true mechanical torque and power on the shaft is especially valuable when it comes to commissioning new equipment or maintenance and troubleshooting of existing equipment.

“Why do I need to measure torque and power? Why is it important?”

Great questions! My simple answer: “Because it saves time and money.” Here are some reasons, in terms of time and money, why it is important to measure true mechanical Torque & Power on rotating shafts.
Optimize Fuel Efficiency, Marine – Verify the true Power output of the engine(s). The true Power output is critical in the propulsion efficiency analysis and emissions analysis. Compare Fuel Input to Engine Power Output to Vessel Speed.

Load Management – Continuously monitor the material load on conveyor equipment, as indicated by the Torque on the drive shaft, and speed up or slow down the process accordingly; even stop the process altogether in the case of a material jam, before any damage can occur to the equipment. TorqueTrak Revolution monitoring instrument, Response Time: 2 msec max.

High/Low Torque Alarm – Continuously monitor the shaft Torque to make sure the load stays within safe operating limits, thereby preventing premature fatigue and/or failure of the equipment. Use the TorqueTrak Revolution output signal to sound an alarm and/or shut down the equipment when the load exceeds the safe limit. TorqueTrak Revolution monitoring instrument, Response Time: 2 msec max.

Diagnostics – Learn how much mechanical Power (Hp or kW) is truly needed to accomplish a task. Learn why there is a humming noise (torsional vibration.) Learn why the coupling broke (excessive start-up torque.)

Preventive Maintenance – Diagnose and eliminate a torsional vibration condition that, if left unchecked, will result in premature fatigue and/or failure of the equipment.
These are some of the basic ways Torque & Power measurement can save time and money for just about any operation where there is a rotating shaft. The TorqueTrak instruments are used in many different industries and applications all around the world.

Past sales for the TorqueTrak instruments have been distributed as shown below:

Marine propeller shaft 49%
Automotive drive shaft (TT10K) 16%
Pumps & Compressors 7%
Oil & Gas (more pumps & comp) 6%
Paper Mill 5%
Dynamometer / Test Stand 5%
Steel Mill 4%
Wind Power Turbine 4%
All Others (Tractors, Conveyors, etc.) 4%

TorqueTrak Applications: .

Wherever there is a rotating shaft, there is an application for the TorqueTrak instruments. There are a few exceptions to this guideline, where the TorqueTrak instruments generally are not suitable.
a. Very small shafts, less than 12mm diameter, where it would be difficult to mount the TT components.
b. Super High RPM and centrifugal g-force, such as some turbines and Formula 1 racecars.
c. Bad environments, where IP ratings or Explosion Proof ratings are required.
(Some waterproofing can be done by the user.)

Otherwise, the TorqueTrak instruments are suitable for just about every application

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you want more.
Introducing the NEW TorqueTrak TPM2
Binsfeld Engineering is pleased to introduce the new TorqueTrak TPM2 torque and power monitoring system for rotating shafts. The all-digital system features a RS422 full-duplex interface with system setup and configuration via computer software (provided).
Like all Binsfeld Engineering torque telemetry systems, the TorqueTrak TPM2 does not require shaft modification or machine disassembly. Rugged and precise, the TorqueTrak TPM2 is available for shaft diameters from 0.75"(19mm) to 40 inches (1016mm) and is ideal for almost any torque and power evaluation project.

TorqueTrak TPM2:
TorqueTrak Revolution
Continuous Torque and Power Data
Designed for permanent installations and continuous monitoring, the TorqueTrak Revolution instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. provides continuous output data from the rotating shaft for four key parameters: torque, power, RPM and direction of rotation. It is an inductive, non-contact system - no batteries, no wear surfaces - machined to fit the shaft, up to 40 inches diameter.
TorqueTrak 10K
Fast & Easy Torque Measurements
For temporary testing or short term measurements it doesn't get much easier than the TorqueTrak 10K telemetry instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. Accurate and simple to use, the TorqueTrak 10K fits any size shaft and any torque level. It is ideal for field work and troubleshooting marine propulsion systems, drive systems, compressors, conveyors and other large machinery. Normally, units are in stock, ready to ship.
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