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I am proud to say that Binsfeld products are being used to improve hydrokinetic power efficiency.  The flow of water has been used as a power source since the beginning of civilization.  Binsfeld TorqueTrak systems are instrumental in improving the technology to meet 21st century  green energy demands.   


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Torque Talk      May 2014    
Binsfeld Systems in Water Power Turbine Development

The primary goal of the Water Power Program is to efficiently develop and utilize marine hydrokinetic (MHK) and conventional hydropower (CH) resources. The program has recently identified the need to better understand the potential for hydrokinetic energy development within existing canal systems that may already have integrated CH plants. Hydrokinetic (HK) turbine operation can alter water surface elevations and modify the flow in a canal. Significant water level alterations and hydrodynamic energy losses are generally undesirable not only for CH plan operations, but also for irrigation and flood management operations.  The goal of this study is to better understand the effect of operating individual and arrays of devices on local water operations through field measurements and numerical modeling. A methodology to study the effect of hydrokinetic turbine deployment is being conducted at a Washington State test sight. The data collection is comprised of detailed water level and velocity measurements to characterize energy gradeline, inflow and wakeflow fields.  

 This hydrokinetic test site in Washington is collecting data on water levels and velocity as they relate to energy flow fields.      Instream Energy Systems Hydrokinetic Turbine


Thrust force and torque acting on the turbine will be determined using strain gage measurements and both a Binsfeld TT10K and Revolution system. Strain gages will be mounted to the rotating turbine shaft. The measured signals will be transferred to OpDaq Data Acquisition Systems. Then, the thrust force acting on the rotor will be derived from the strain measurement, shaft material properties, shaft geometry and shaft dimensions. The measured thrust force can be used to derive a thrust coefficient, a critical input parameter for numerical models to simulate the effect of a hydrokinetic turbine deployment.



Corresponding author: Budi Gunawan, Sandia National Laboratories  


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TorqueTrak Revolution
Continuous Torque and Power Data
 Designed for permanent installations and continuous monitoring, the TorqueTrak Revolution instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. provides continuous output data from the rotating shaft for four key parameters: torque, power, RPM and direction of rotation. It is an inductive, non-contact system - no batteries, no wear surfaces - machined to fit the shaft, up to 40 inches diameter.
TorqueTrak 10K
Fast & Easy Torque Measurements
For temporary testing or short term measurements it doesn't get much easier than the TorqueTrak 10K telemetry instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. Accurate and simple to use, the TorqueTrak 10K fits any size shaft and any torque level. It is ideal for field work and troubleshooting marine propulsion systems, drive systems, compressors, conveyors and other large machinery. Normally, units are in stock, ready to ship.


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