July 27th 2015

July 2015
Torsional Vibration in drive systems can cause serious problems, including broken components and line shutdowns. The TorqueTrak 10K telemetry instrument from Binsfeld Engineering is commonly used to perform torsional vibration analysis on a rotating shaft. The TorqueTrak 10K will provide the torsional vibration data. The user could then do a frequency analysis (FFT) on the data to determine the resonant frequencies where torsional strain is the greatest and, if necessary, implement a corrective action to minimize that strain to a safe level. The Op-Torq Field Test 2 data acquisition system from our partner, OpDAQ Systems, makes the data logging and analysis easy.
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In the Op-Torq FIELD TEST 2 – User's Manual , please see section
7.3 High Frequency Acquisition. In the High Frequency Acquisition mode, the Torsional Vibration measurement data are displayed in both the Frequency Domain and in the Torque-Time domain. So you can see at which frequencies the greatest torsional vibration occurs. In the example below, the greatest torsional vibration “strain” occurs at 50-70 Hz. The data are all saved in the Op-Torq FIELD TEST 2 data acquisition system, so it can be analyzed after the test any way you like.
Introducing the NEW TorqueTrak TPM2
Binsfeld Engineering is pleased to introduce the new TorqueTrak TPM2 torque and power monitoring system for rotating shafts. The all-digital system features a RS422 full-duplex interface with system setup and configuration via computer software (provided).
Like all Binsfeld Engineering torque telemetry systems, the TorqueTrak TPM2 does not require shaft modification or machine disassembly. Rugged and precise, the TorqueTrak TPM2 is available for shaft diameters from 0.75"(19mm) to 40 inches (1016mm) and is ideal for almost any torque and power evaluation project.

Click here for the TorqueTrak TPM2 Product Data Sheet.
TorqueTrak Revolution
Continuous Torque and Power Data
Designed for permanent installations and continuous monitoring, the TorqueTrak Revolution instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. provides continuous output data from the rotating shaft for four key parameters: torque, power, RPM and direction of rotation. It is an inductive, non-contact system - no batteries, no wear surfaces - machined to fit the shaft, up to 40 inches diameter.
TorqueTrak 10K
Fast & Easy Torque Measurements
For temporary testing or short term measurements it doesn't get much easier than the TorqueTrak 10K telemetry instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. Accurate and simple to use, the TorqueTrak 10K fits any size shaft and any torque level. It is ideal for field work and troubleshooting marine propulsion systems, drive systems, compressors, conveyors and other large machinery. Normally, units are in stock, ready to ship.
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