July 2014


I am proud to say that Binsfeld products are successfully being used to solve costly maintenance issues plants endure.  Budgets are tight and companies are investigating any and all tools to reduce costs.  Binsfeld Engineering equipment  has proven to be very effective in this pursuit.   


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Torque Talk    July 2014     
Binsfeld TT10K System Uncovers Drive Gear Material Issue at Water Treatment Plant

A large urban city water treatment facility uses large power driven chain-linked scrapers, called "flights", to extract impurities (i.e. mud and silt) from each cistern as part of the water cleaning process.  The chain link torque imposed on the gear drives was causing premature breakage and plant shutdowns. 


 Binsfeld’s torque measuring devices are used in water treatment plants, helping cities improve life for its citizens.


Multiple Binsfeld TorqueTrak model TT10K's were used to measure equipment torque as flights move along various sections of the reservoir bottom.  


As a result of testing, the TT10K torque data found the current gear set material inadequate.  Stronger gear sets have been ordered to replace existing kit.    


The facility was able to solve an expensive and troubling maintenance issue.  The convenience of operation and application of TorqueTrak telemetry equipment, enabled a successful project completion.



Products from Binsfeld
TorqueTrak Revolution
Continuous Torque and Power Data
 Designed for permanent installations and continuous monitoring, the TorqueTrak Revolution instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. provides continuous output data from the rotating shaft for four key parameters: torque, power, RPM and direction of rotation. It is an inductive, non-contact system - no batteries, no wear surfaces - machined to fit the shaft, up to 40 inches diameter.
TorqueTrak 10K
Fast & Easy Torque Measurements
For temporary testing or short term measurements it doesn't get much easier than the TorqueTrak 10K telemetry instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. Accurate and simple to use, the TorqueTrak 10K fits any size shaft and any torque level. It is ideal for field work and troubleshooting marine propulsion systems, drive systems, compressors, conveyors and other large machinery. Normally, units are in stock, ready to ship.


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