April 2015

APR 2015

Ship maintenance is critical to naval readiness.   When a vessel developed a strange steering gear torque issue,  a Binsfeld TorqueTrak 10K system was tasked to study and identify this phenomenon.  At Binsfeld Engineering, we are proud to supply equipment to the military and military support organizations to keep mission systems active and ready for service. 
If you have a good application or success story involving the TorqueTrak instruments that you would like to share in this newsletter, please send it to me for consideration.
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U.S. Sales Manager
Randy Verderame is a Senior Marine Engineer at Rolls Royce Naval Marine located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Randy was tasked by the U.S. Navy, to investigate a report of rudder post binding on one their vessels. 
Randy's team used a TorqueTrak 10K telemetry instrument from Binsfeld Engineering for Torsional Analysis on the ship's rudders.  The results were very intriguing. 
Please click on link below to read full report.
Randy Verderame
Rolls Royce Naval Marine
599 Middlesex Turnpike
Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06479
TorqueTrak Revolution
Continuous Torque and Power Data
Designed for permanent installations and continuous monitoring, the TorqueTrak Revolution instrument from Binsfeld Engineering Inc. provides continuous output data from the rotating shaft for four key parameters: torque, power, RPM and direction of rotation. It is an inductive, non-contact system - no batteries, no wear surfaces - machined to fit the shaft, up to 40 inches diameter.
TorqueTrak TPM2
Continuous Digital Torque and Power Data
The TorqueTrak Torque and Power Monitoring System (TPM2 series) is a rugged precision instrument designed to measure torque and/or power on rotating shafts in real time.  The TPM2 uses RS422 full duplex, point - to - point serial interface communication.  The TPM2 is custom designed to fit on shafting up to 40 inches (1016 mm) in diameter. Machine disassembly is not required. 
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