Binsfeld Transmitters for STP Impianti & Other Machines

Responding to urgent customer inquiries, Binsfeld Engineering now offers two new configurations of its RT300 Series TempTrak rotary temperature transmitters specifically designed for STP Impianti or ÖZÇELIK machines using single-zone rotary temperature transmitters such as thermosystems from Italy.












Both the systems are built with the TempTrak induction technology to offer a generous 9-25mm spacing between rotating and stationary parts. In addition, unlike the OEM transmitters replaced, TempTrak systems do not rely on optical data transmission and are unaffected by dust and debris.

The new systems are available with either a single voltage output or a voltage and current output. The voltage output (typically 0-3V) matches the original machine control signal for seamless integration. The optional 4-20mA current output allows manufacturers to convert to a more common and reliable control signal whenever they choose.

No machine modifications are required, and with all Binsfeld RT300 Series transmitters, the new systems are covered with a 5-year warranty.

Binsfeld Engineering learned from several of its clients about the increased difficulty in finding replacement components for heated godet rolls. In many instances, companies that built those machines no longer stock vital parts, leaving the quality control staff and maintenance professionals with fewer options than ever.

To learn more about the RT300 systems and whether they’re a fit for your machine, visit:

*This article originally appeared online on The Textile Managzine's website on July 13th, 2016.