Multi-Lingual Translation Tool for Binsfeld's Website

New Google Translation Tool for International Visitors


After receiving feedback from many of our international customers, the team at Binsfeld Engineering determined that our website should speak to all of our visitors. With that goal in-mind, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new multi-lingual, translation tool. This tool utilizes a drop-down menu where visitors select their preferred language. You’ll find that tool at the top of our most important webpages.







Please feel free to share this information with any business contacts who may have struggled to read the previous, English-only version of our website. We want them to re-visit our website with this new functionality, as it’ll help them make a more accurate determination as-to whether Binsfeld’s systems are the best solution for their situation.

In the meantime, reach-out to regarding this new multi-lingual tool or any other aspect of our website!