OpDAQ Systems Wins Major Contract

OpDAQ Systems Wins Major Contract from Canadian Coast Guard

Charles Massicotte (left) and François Levesque (right), co-owners of the Rimouski-based company, OpDAQ systems.

MARINE SYSTEMS. The Rimouski-based company, OpDAQ Systems, has been awarded a major contract to equip 34 ships of the Canadian Coast Guard with their fuel management marine systems.

The embedded systems will provide onboard staff and managers with real-time data on fuel consumption, engine power, and ship speed. This approach has advantages both economically and environmentally by facilitating continuous, and measurable, improvement of operations.

Since its creation in 2008, the Rimouski-based company has exported its products to over 24 countries through its network of distributors. This project is a milestone for the national reputation of the company. "This is an important step in achieving our goal of being the Canadian benchmark for performance measurement systems in the maritime sector," said the company president, Charles Massicotte.

Innovation and dynamism of OpDAQ’s systems also allows the company to apply their expertise in other industries. "The technologies we develop are easily transferable to all industrial sectors including railways, mines and power plants diesel, as these are all areas where energy consumption is an issue," says François Levesque, Vice President of the SME.

The TorqueTrak TPM2 Torque & Power Monitor instrument from Binsfeld Engineering will provide the true mechanical torque and power measurement data related to fuel consumption and vessel speed.

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