Cutting Machine Downtime


Binsfeld Engineering is exhibiting the new Binsfeld RT406-1C, a single CANbus transmitter designed for the 6-zone S5 Neumag machines, at its stand, F12 in Hall W2. The RT406-1C complements the RT406-2C dual-CANbus transmitter introduced in 2010.

This temperature transmitter is specifically designed from S5 Neumag machines, helping monitor your heated calenders.

Binsfeld CEO, Stephen Tarsa, explained: “As with most of our products, the RT406-1C was a response to a specific customer request. The customer was looking for a more reliable alternative to the original transmitter that would not require any machine modifications. The RT406-1C is just what the customer was looking for: a drop-in replacement that offers Binsfeld’s trademark features of reliability, intelligence and generous spacing between rotating and stationary components, all of which means less machine downtime.”

The US-based manufacturer of rotary temperature transmitters for godets and heated rolls is also showcasing the RT362 two-channel transmitter specifically designed for Trützschler Switzerland AG (originally, SwissTex) filament spinning machines. The RT362 is also a drop-in replacement that allows fibre producers to add Binsfeld transmitter technology and reliability to existing machines, it said. The company is also displaying its new line of calender (heated roll) transmitters, the RT310 Series, which were first introduced at ITMA Asia + CITME 2012. Since then the company has developed smaller, more compact versions with the same feature set including error-detection and signaling to simplify trouble-shooting the machine’s temperature control system.

Binsfeld is demonstrating its flexible RT300 and RT351 series transmitters with multi-channel configurations to fit many machinery brands including Neumag, SwissTex, Rieter, Erdmann and Toray. Output signals are available for Dienes or Rieter frequencies or 4-20mA or voltage systems.

Last year Binsfeld launched an expanded website and mobile version that includes the full product offering including rotary temperature transmitters as well as wireless telemetry systems for measuring torque and power on rotating shafts. It also received an Outstanding Business Award from the Northwest Michigan Workforce Development Board for its success over more than 30 years. In January Binsfeld initiated efforts to achieve ISO 9001 registration and is on schedule to achieve certification later this year.

Binsfeld said it has a strong reputation for reliable, precision instrumentation designed to operate in the harsh environment of man-made fibre extrusion plants. Its systems incorporate sophisticated electronics in a durable design backed by up to a five-year warranty.

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