Staff Qualifications & Biographies

Stephen Tarsa | CEO & Owner

Stephen Tarsa is the CEO of Binsfeld Engineering Inc. and joined the company as a Production Engineer in 1992. Prior to Binsfeld Engineering Stephen worked for Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, CA, after earning a BSEE from Michigan Technological University in 1988.

Shortly after joining Binsfeld Engineering Stephen began performing on-site torque measurements around the world using Binsfeld torque telemetry systems. The applications varied widely, from paper mills in the southeast United States to marine engines on a Russian container ship off the coast of Italy. Though the hours were long, the projects were always interesting.

In addition to running a successful manufacturing business with outstanding employees, Stephen enjoys running, reading, music and hiking the sand dunes in Sleeping Bear Dunes National park with his family.

Randy Pattison | Production & Design Support

Randy has been with Binsfeld Engineering for nearly 8 years. He joined Binsfeld in 2008 as a Production Technician and has earned his present position as Production and Design Support. His primary duties are creating AutoCAD drawings and 3D renderings for Binsfeld’s products. He also designs test fixtures for production and is responsible for IT company-wide.

Randy earned an AEET from ITT Technical Institute while maintaining academic excellence. His previous work experience includes over 14 years servicing consumer electronics as well as installing and monitoring natural gas instrumentation products. He enjoys mechanics and most anything technology related.

Brian Carr | U.S. Sales Manager

Brian has been the U.S. Sales Manager at Binsfeld Engineering Inc. for 2 years. Prior to Binsfeld Engineering, Brian worked for the Comtel Corporation where, in 2013, he was awarded Top Salesman of the Year.

As a graduate of Michigan Tech’s Mechanical Engineering program and the Master’s of Science in Business Administration at Boston University, Brian provides sound technical and business support to new and existing TorqueTrak customers.

When he is not supporting clients, Brian enjoys scuba diving as a Certified Dive Instructor, traveling, biking and skiing.

Bob Holden | International Sales Manager

Bob has more than 30 years of experience in technical sales and marketing, primarily with sensors and controls product lines. He has been with Binsfeld Engineering since 2001, growing the sales of the TorqueTrak instruments in many different markets all around the world. What sets Bob apart from other salespeople in the business is his world-class customer service. His standards of excellence are very high, which customers value. When off-duty, Bob enjoys sports and music and keeping current with world affairs.

Education: BSEE, Lawrence Technological University, 1984

Dan Daigger | Operations Manager

With over 25 years experience managing hi-tech companies, Dan keeps the company facilities, production and quality ‘engine’ running smoothly.

Dan joined the company as a Production Supervisor in 2007 and was promoted to his current position in 2012. Prior to Binsfeld Engineering Dan co-owned an engineering company for over a dozen years. That business designed and manufactured precision molds, dies and machined components primarily for the automotive industry and were members of the American Mold Builders Association and ISO TS16949 certified.

As Operations Manager, Dan manages daily operation including: facility maintenance, material requirements planning, raw materials inventory, production, support for research and development, shipping and receiving, hiring when needed, and is on the ISO Quality Team. He also manages the mechanical suppliers and PCBA supplier relations which help reduce the cost of products while improving quality.

Outside of Binsfeld Engineering Dan enjoys hunting, fishing and a hobby farm lifestyle with his family.

Yvonne Mead | Office Manager

Yvonne Mead has been with Binsfeld Engineering Inc. since June 2000. Yvonne wears many hats at Binsfeld Engineering Inc. and is responsible for accounting and purchasing. She also leads the Quality Team. Her attention to detail is a gift. When Yvonne is not working she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, time with the grandkids, gardening - and when winter arrives, counted cross stitching.

Curt Britten | Technical Sales Support

After graduating UEI, Curt worked in the automotive industry for a number of years, successfully fulfilling multiple positions. He joined Binsfeld Engineering Inc. in 2011 in their technical sales department. This role allows him to work with both the TorqueTrak and TempTrak® products. He manages the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process, and, along with others, supports Binsfeld Engineering’s 5-year warranty. The majority of his time is spent with TempTrak® products, working with customers to identify the correct Binsfeld rotary transmitter for their machinery or supervising custom configurations to fit new applications.

Curt enjoys spending time with the Lord, with his family and with friends. When he’s not working, he enjoys canoeing, hiking, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, and more.

Sean Wright | Production Technician

Sean Wright has been a Production Technician at Binsfeld Engineering Inc. for 13 years and joined the company as a Production Tech in 2003. Prior to Binsfeld Engineering, Sean worked for several board assembly houses after earning an Associates in Electronics at a technical college.

Shortly after joining Binsfeld Engineering, Sean became Production Technician in the Binsfeld torque telemetry department. The torque telemetry product line varies from product-to-product but all systems provide the same kind of vital torque data.

Robert Green | Production Technician

Since 2012, Robert has worked as a Production Technician in Binsfeld Engineering’s TempTrak® department where he assembles and performs precision testing on rotary temperature transmitters and receivers for the synthetic fiber industry. Robert has previously worked as Electronics Test Technician for an international supplier of precision audio and video interfaces. He has also owned a small electronics business where he reverse engineered and modified digital musical instruments. He has over 25 years of experience working in high-end manufacturing environments. His outside interests include music, fine art and traveling.